Coffee Bags Frequent Questions

Open the coffee bags before boiling the water. As they are individually packed with no oxygen to preserve freshness, you allow the coffee bag to “breathe” and release the flavour.For a more “moka” style flavour, also consider reducing the amount of water (normally 150ml) and/or increasing the infusion time (5 min)

Instead of adding hot milk to the coffee bags, we recommend you add hot water first, and a dash of milk (or cream) later on, as if you were having tea; this way the properties and the oils in the coffee will be released better in the water

Coffee bags are perfect for any weather and any preference. If you like cold brew coffee, just place
your coffee bag in your mug and add room temperature water. Store in the fridge overnight, and
your cold brew coffee is ready!

Our coffee bags are made of 100% fresh coffee, roasted, ground and packed each time in small
batches, as we proudly are an artisanal coffee seller. There is no instant coffee blended or flavours
added. Traces of sediment are natural as they escape the woven of the coffee bag.

Our coffee bags are compostable, and no glue is used in sealing the bag. The sachet is not yet
recycled but we are seriously working on  it 😉 The carton box is widely recyclable.

Our SI coffee bags are packed in a protected atmosphere to retain max freshness and aroma, up
to 2 years from the date of production. The BBE date is printed on the back of each coffee bag.