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Coffee bags are the practical and innovative way you can enjoy coffee wherever you are. It’s fresh coffee, especially ground and packed in an oxygen-free atmosphere to preserve flavour and aroma and deliver a refreshingly pleasant coffee in a cup.

Ideal for people who enjoy filter coffee, or americano, perfect if you are without a coffee machine; just add hot water from a kettle, and enjoy it, as a tea-bag.

You can choose between coffee bags individually wrapped, or loose coffee bags in a convenient pouch of 35 pieces, according to your needs.

Two coffee selection: Si Sogno Milano, Premium Italian Blend, 65% Arabica, 35% Robusta, rich and balanced, perfect as an Americano alternative;
Si Sogno Venezia, 100% Arabica Colombia Supremo, aromatic and mellow, to enjoy anytime of the day.

For best results open the coffee bag few minutes before to breathe; boil the water to 93° and leave it in infusion for five minutes in a cup of 150 mL.

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