Coffee beans

Venezia coffee beans 600 x 749

SI roasted coffee beans

this is our new exclusive range of roasted coffee beans, roasted in small batches in Italy in an artisanal way to retain quality and consistency.

We wanted to give our customers of SI coffee bags the same quality coffee, this time as coffee beans.

SI roasted coffee beans Milano

is a testimony to the Italian coffee culture and heritage. It’s a smooth and balanced blend of six Arabica beans from Brazil and Central America, with the best Robusta from India. Roasted and served in the typical Italian tradition, as in our roastery near Milano since 1931, for a rich and balanced coffee. Perfect for espresso and cappuccino.

SI roasted coffee beans Venezia

Is our 100% Arabica single origin coffee from Colombia, Supremo. Smooth, aromatic and mellow, with a low caffeine content, and a pleasant finish, is perfect to drink any time of the day. For espresso, cappuccino and filter.

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Showing all 2 results