Coffee bags for hotels

Coffee Bags in Hotel rooms, elevating the guest experience with just a cup

  • 02 April, 2024
  • Giulia Costa

In the realm of hospitality, as the industry grows more and more competitive, every detail matters. From the moment guests step foot into their rooms, their experience should be nothing short of exceptional.

One often-overlooked aspect of this experience is the provision of coffee. So, how coffee bags are the ideal fit for hotel rooms?

Ease of use and convenience: for hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts and service
apartments, you do not need a coffee machine to check, clean and service. There is always a kettle already provided for teas and infusions, so the choice at the end is what you’d like to provide your guests: instant or freshly ground coffee.

However, the quest for the perfect cup goes beyond convenience. Coffee preferences vary greatly among individuals, making consistency a challenge. Yet, the resounding message we get from our coffee bags customers is clear: quality, freshness, and the ritual of brewing your own cup - all contribute to an  unforgettable experience.


Enhancing the guest experience, the coffee bags

Offering the premium experience of freshly brewed coffee, coffee bags encapsulate the aroma and freshness that define a truly exceptional cup. By providing guests with this ritual, hotels elevate their offering to something truly distinctive.

Let’s consider: what's your take on enhancing the quality of your guests' stay? Is
complimentary coffee merely a cost or an opportunity to enhance the overall
experience? We believe it's a chance to delight guests from the moment they wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in their rooms.

Why coffee bags deliver the perfect cup for your guests


Imagine checking into your hotel room, and - within a couple of minutes – you can relax sipping a hot freshly brewed cup of coffee, where you can choose your favourite coffee variety… No mess, no fuss, just use the kettle already provided: that’s the beauty of coffee bags.
To wrap up:

  • Ease of use: No bulky machines, just a kettle and a selection of coffee bags perfect for smaller rooms, to save space and keep rooms tidy;
  • Freshly ground coffee: Individual bags are sealed with no oxygen to preserve aroma, with a shelf life up to 2 years; to ensure each cup is brewed with the freshest grounds, unlike communal coffee pots that can get stale.

In conclusion, for us, there is only one clear winner, when it matters about creating a positive experience for your guests: so even a little detail, such as serving every morning the perfect cup of coffee in a simple and convenient way, can be a small touch that can go really far.


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