Milano or Venezia coffee beans: which one shall I choose?

Milano or Venezia coffee beans: which one shall I choose?

  • 25 February, 2023
  • Giulia Costa

Coffee is personal; we all know this. So when it comes to choose which coffee is right for me, here some tips regarding our coffee, SI Milano and SI Venezia.

Si Sogno Milano coffee beans

Si Sogno Milano Coffee Beans

Si Sogno Milano is a superior blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, perfectly balanced, with low acidity, and long aftertaste. It reflects the Italian tradition of blending different varieties of coffee, from different locations, to ensure a smooth and consistent result, time after time.
It goes without saying that coffee – like wine – is not the same every year, as crops results may differ in quality and availability one year from the other. Hence the crafted master roaster will be able to blend the different varieties to perfection, to ensure the same result in your cup.

Si Sogno Venezia coffee beans

Si sogno Venezia Coffee beans

Si Sogno Venezia is a 100% Arabica single origin coffee from Colombia, Supremo grade.
Roasted in small batches, Venezia has a more delicate and subtle character, with a complex, mellow taste, hints of spices and cocoa. Low caffeine content, ideal to drink few times during the day.

Milano or Venezia coffee beans?

To help you choose within the two products, we prepare for you are a graphic description resuming the main features of our premium coffees.


Milano coffee beans                    Venezia Coffee Beans

So, which one do you prefer?


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