A look back at HOST 2019 Milan

  • 09 November, 2019
  • Giulia Costa

At SognoSI we recently met with our top clients and partners at HOST 2019 Milano (Oct 22-26). It was a great opportunity to speak to business experts, engage in new trends and be part of a large and fantastic community.
Host Milano is one – if not – the biggest hospitality tradeshow in the world, a premiere event taking place every two years in Milano, Italy.


It showcases the best Italy can offer in the Ho.re.ca industry and – of course – coffee has a prominent space.
In HOST 2019 Milano Eco-friendliness and coffee innovation were among the key topics within the industry.
Eco-friendly innovation is defined as a shift to a new type of consumption, matching quality to health and ethics; green options, superfoods, vegan and vegetarian cuisine, the local food movement and natural innovations were all taking centre stage.

The same happened for the latest innovations in the world of coffee: superfood coffee, egg coffee, frothy nitro coffee, goth lattes made with activated charcoal and flower extracts.



Finally an opportunity to admire style and design in action: from interiors concepts to the iconic beauty of Italian coffee machines: from the retro’ classic look of the Elektra and Victoria Arduino models to the stunning sophisticated style of the San Marco Leva Luxury coffee machine.

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