Introducing a more efficient packaging for our coffee bags

  • 05 November, 2019
  • Luca Chiappa

At SognoSI we are launching a new box packaging for our coffee bags, both
Milano and Venezia. It will have the same distinctive look and feel of the coffee
beans and ground coffee range, Milano red and blue aqua Venezia labels; each
box will still contain 50 coffee bags individually wrapped.

Why a more efficient packaging

More importantly, this will enable us to save up to 40% volume space for each
pallet shipment, helping reduce carbon footprint (it means we’ll need 3
consignments instead of 5 to deliver the same number of products to our

Did you know?

Our coffee bags come in a beautiful rectangular shape, sealed with ultrasonic and
cutting technology, so no glue is used. The material (mesh) used is an “eco-
friendly” biodegradable filter material, made of plant origin.
At SognoSI we are constantly striving to address the need for conscious
customers, both financially and in terms of the impact on the environment. We
are investing in new and efficient packaging and new material to make sure you can enjoy
the freshness and the quality of our products, wherever you are, with no

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