Why people like Milano coffee bags – a chat with Andrea Verri

  • 07 October, 2019
  • Giulia Costa

Everyone here loves SognoSI Coffee bags… our “small squared coffee treasure” is the most practical and innovative way you can enjoy coffee wherever you are.

We live in such a frantic world and sometimes having an easy-to-go coffee is really a plus, especially if you think it’s fresh coffee, especially ground and packed in an oxygen-free atmosphere to preserve flavor and aroma and deliver a refreshingly pleasant coffee in a cup.

Our coffee bags are Made in Italy and the other day we were having a chat with Andrea Verri, our master roaster, on why our SI Milano coffee bags are such a favorite among our customers…



“Milano Sogno SI coffee bags are made of a blend of selected Arabica from Brasil
and Central America, with one third of the best Robusta from India. Chocolate,
almond, low acidity, long finish are all key notes”.
As a result, “the Milano blend is like a melody that extends in time: balanced and
harmonious, with no edges or contrasts”.

It’s ideal for people who enjoy filter coffee, or an americano coffee experience.


PS: One special tip – “if you prefer a stronger coffee, which resembles what you
would get from the classic Italian moka coffee machine, consider using a small
cappuccino cup (adding 80-90mL water only)”.

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